This is the Kitchen Episode Guide. Kitchen aired throughout the years of 1999 to 2019. The series first originally aired on June 5, 1999, with the episode "Cloning Machine 9000. Overall, twenty one seasons with about 400 episodes have been produced. Episodes are mostly written by Son of Hat, and are sometimes written by Thatstuff or TheSteveDude.

From season one to season 7, time slots on MTV had new episodes of Kitchen to air on television at 9:00pm, while the series was later switched to New episodes at 11:00pm. Every episode is given a TV-14 or a TV-MA rating, while uncensored episodes are given a strong TV-MA rating, for its vulgar language, offensive humor, and outright disturbing graphic scenes.

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In 2006, Kitchen had a revamp in a way. From seasons eight to sixteen, episodes had increased in running time (instead of the usual 17 minutes, episodes were mostly given 23 minutes). In addition to the revamp, the writers decided to be more mature with the series, and actually make it focus on real political, and everyday topics, instead of the main characters going on more "random" like exploits. This run was well received by many critics, and is currently the longest run of the series.

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In 2015, Kitchen was yet again, revamp. It is a said to hold the final five seasons of the series, and will be the shortest run of the entire show. Unlike the original two runs, this one will feature more controversial topics, more emotional episodes, and eventually a secret arc within the show.

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