Kitchen: Real & Raunchy (also known as Kitchen: The Movie) is an American adult animated comedy war film based on the MTV original television series Kitchen. The plot follows the main characters, Pants, Bucket Head, and Chuck on a mission to save their lives, and the world from a power hungry Social Justice Warrior who plans on taking over the world, to make it more "politically correct". The film also shows a child's perspective on a war. The Motion Picture Association of America gave the film a restricted rating for: Stong Violence, crude and sexual humor, and vulgar language.

The film had huge amounts of controversial satire, and made fun of nearly most groups of people, (including many famous figures). The film was released in theaters on June 5, 2003, and on home video on September 18, 2003. The movie had a budget of $104 Million nationwide, and $200 Million Worldwide. Kitchen: Real & Raunchy premiered on television on January 9, 2005.

Summery Edit

Pants has recently entered a contest to be a guest star on his favorite sketch comedy series, The Happy Hal Show. He is soon announced to be a winner, so he brings Bucket Head, and Chuck along with him. However, the guys are brought into a controversial argument over censorship and freedom of speech, after Pants' says some discriminating talk on live television which brings world attention. A group of social justice warriors begin to protest PotCity, and eventually the US government, to put Pants to justice. However, nobody listens to the them, which causes all social justice warriors all over the world to join together to take over the planet, by causing World War III, starting at PotCity. Things get worst when Chuck's father, Lord Gâchette, who is the leader of the SJWs decides to lead his/her army to create a machine made of minorities, the Fat Trans Female Colored Gay, to finally destroy 99% of the privileged population. Only Pants and Bucket Head can save Chuck, and the rest of the planet from global chaos.