Tony "Pants" Manson, usually referred to as Pants, is one of the main characters, along with Victor McCoyChuck Darren, and Diane Macle. Pants is the anti hero of the group. He commonly says homophobic, racist, and sexist jokes throughout most episodes. His personality can be based on the creator himself.

Pants is a seventh grader (later eighth) who joins his friends on the disturbing journey of life. He is an orphan, and lives in the orphanage with his roommates Chuck, and Tim.

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Pants is racist, homophobic, sexist, and is a young criminal, who loves committing crime, without thinking twice or caring about others. However, many things come back at him when he does crime, but doesn't even care. Pants is an orphan, who lives in the orphanage along with his half brother, Tim and frenemy, Chuck. Despite his racism, Pants finds out in Family Reunion, that his mother was an Ethiopian woman, and that his father is actually infamous criminal, Charles Manson.

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Pants is a more tannish colored chickpea. He is mostly bald, and wears dirty, ripped clothing. He calls himself a "Proud Jewish child" but has been seen doing many antisemitic and nonreligious oddities throughout the series.

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Tony "Pants" Manson, is the second main character of the series. Pants seems to have an offensive and perverted mind, and is known to spout offensive and profane language, and humor, which is the reason many characters in the series have a negative impact on him. 

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