WTFHS is a solo created series developed by DeadManThunder . The series has four seasons and the fifth one coming in September 2014 that premiered on the Dark Side Channel. Airing both a TV-14 and TV-MA rating, it has also been syndicated by both Adult Swim and FOX's Animation Domination (but FOX edits the show for content).

Starting May 19, 2014 it shall air re-runs on Vision. The show's theme song from seasons 1-3 was the WTFHS theme by The Oven. From seasons 4 onward the theme song will be So What by Metallica. The final season (7) theme song will be Cemetery Gates by Pantera with the final episode having this at the end credits and a full music video to go along with it. It has also been announced at June 30 at 11:59pm on Dark Sides official website that after the conclusion of the WTFHS there will be two new series as a sequel to the original series coming out one will be called WTFHS: The Next Generation. The name of the other series is currently unknown and will be released on September 2018. The current series concludes in 2019. Though the series will be concluded Dark Side Studios has stated it will make specials based on the series.

Plot Edit

The school follows Klaus Capone, a violent, cynical young comic book publisher who crashes down to Waterton, New York, after a plane crash. He is forced to enroll into a dysfunctional, crime ridden high school, while trying to escape to freedom.

Characters Edit

  • Ant Santos, Age: 14/15 (later in the series), Sex: Male
  • Tera Prostitizuini, Age: 16, Sex: Female
  • Porter Twig, Age: 14, Sex: Male
  • Luigi Mega, Age: 16, Sex: Male
  • Trevor Acidicy, Age: 15, Sex: Male
  • Drew (Last name never listed), Age: 16, Sex: Male
  • Chris (N/A), Age: 17, Sex: Female

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Controversy Edit

  • WTFHS is considered to be one of the most Controversial television shows of all time considering that most of the humor comes with everything that is wrong with high school. One of the most controversial episodes was The Goth Group, when the goths are trying to summon Satan, which may offend many religious people (especially those of the Christian/Catholic faith).